Body Treatments

Our wide variety of cleansing and exfoliating treatments will give you the radiant skin you have always dreamed of.



Infrared immersion is the all-in-one wellness service.  

Safe, effective infrared heat delivers clinically proven benefits

During a FIT Bodywrap session the body absorbs infrared heat to fuel itself to initiate the immersion process, resulting in increased blood circulation and sweat production to promote healing and cleansing.

Benefits include:

  • detoxification

  • skin rejuvenation

  • mind/body wellness

  • active recovery

  • cellulite reduction

  • pain management

  • weight loss

  • anti-aging

30 Minutes  $45.00   ---   60 Minutes  $85.00

Algae Detox

Created by a famous surgeon in France,  Algae Detox is the only therapy available that helps to detoxify the body and offers substantial inch loss after just one session. Combining 21st century technology with vegetation from the sea floor, you will experience the firming and toning of the body after just one session. For ultimate benefits and detoxification, we recommend that you book for a course of 3-6 sessions. 


ION Cleanse

ION Cleanse is a simple and powerful way to cleanse and detoxify your body. Detoxifying the body periodically is essential to maintaining good health and avoiding disease.  In addition, this treatment in combination with a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain high energy levels and long term wellness.


Full Body Purification Mask

This relaxing treatment includes gentle exfoliation and draws out toxins and impurities while relieving water retention and replenishing vital minerals. You are treated to quiet rest in a spa blanket. A gentle massage with a re-hydrating body lotion concludes your treatment. 


Exfoliation Treatment

A deep cleansing exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells, followed by a moisturizing lotion, which promotes smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin.


Grape Seed Sea Salt Glow

A detoxifying and revitalizing skin treatment based on grape seed oil rich in Vitamin A and a combination of sea salts. This leaves the skin detoxified, exfoliated, and hydrated with new cells enriched in vitamins and moisture. 


Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

45 minutes of pampering for your hands. Exfoliating treatment will help lighten freckles and age spots. Glycolic acid and fading gel is used to exfoliate and soften for younger looking skin. 6-10 sessions are recommended.


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