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Brown Spot Removal

Brown spots commonly occur on the body, particularly the face and hands, due to aging and sun exposure. Brown spots (or freckles, age spots, liver spots) are signs of the aging process, and treatment and lightening of these dark spots result in a more youthful appearance.

Cutera Laser is an aesthetic treatment to improve the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots, and age spots - gently, predictably, and quickly.  Treatments are ideal for the face, hands, and other areas of the body with noticeable signs of sun damage and excess pigmentation.  Several treatments may be required to achieve an optimal outcome, and ongoing maintenance treatments are encouraged to sustain results over time.  

This procedure is the safest and most effective treatment choice for removing brown spots from the skin.  Using the Excel HR™ laser we are able to remove brown spots and patches from the skin by selectively targeting the melanin and melanocyte, leaving the other cells in the skin untouched.

This 30-minute treatment requires no anesthesia. Generally, 1-2 sessions provide the best results.

Costs:  $250 per 30-minute session.
Sessions that last longer than 30-minutes are priced higher.

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