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CUTERA® Laser Genesis

CUTERA® Laser Genesis

When your skin shows a multitude of imperfections, it feels like whichever skin cream you use, you are never able to reach that smooth, beautiful look. Laser treatments have grown a lot in popularity, with CUTERA® Laser Genesis gaining a lot of attention. With its ability to reduce imperfections from both aging and environmental causes, CUTERA® can make you look younger and healthier in just a matter of minutes. At Renaissance MD, we offer CUTERA® Laser Genesis treatments to anyone looking for a skin refresh. This is a light laser treatment, with no downtime and soft, natural results.

Candidates & Indications

Any patient, regardless of their skin type, can undergo CUTERA® Laser Genesis. If you are dealing with mild to moderate acne, fine lines, wrinkles, or just looking for a glow up, then you can opt for the CUTERA® laser treatment.

Teenagers, along with adults with various skin imperfections, can benefit from this treatment. Since the procedure triggers both your collagen and healing response, it allows your skin to heal itself. Patients with rosacea can also be excellent candidates for CUTERA® Laser Genesis.

If you are pregnant, then you might be advised to avoid the treatment until after you give birth. Patients who visited a tanning bed or received enough sunlight to get a deep tan in the last two weeks should also wait. Your skin can be quite sensitive at this point, which may cause the procedure to feel uncomfortable. A consultation with Renaissance MD will determine whether you are a candidate or not.

How CUTERA® Laser Genesis Works

CUTERA® Laser Genesis works by using collagen stimulation to promote healthier and more youthful skin. This treatment will gently heat your upper dermis, stimulating collagen production and reducing the signs of aging. Collagen is the primary structural protein of your skin, so by triggering its regeneration, you reduce aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged skin pores, and other skin irregularities. 

During the heating process, CUTERA® Laser Genesis will stimulate the fibroblasts in your skin, informing them to produce more elastin and collagen. This will cause your skin to become thicker and tighter, offering you a lifting effect. The laser light can also reach into lesions that are red or brown. 

Since CUTERA® Laser Genesis is a non-invasive procedure, patients use it as a less time-consuming alternative to surgery. As the handheld device glides over the surface, most patients describe the procedure as if the warm sun is touching their face. The heat produced by the laser will trigger your body’s natural healing process, reducing the appearance of dull skin.


Since CUTERA® Laser Genesis is a non-invasive skin treatment, the potential for downtime or significant discomfort is minimal. As the laser activates your skin’s healing system, you may experience some temporary pinkness of the skin. This will be reminiscent of a “healthy glow,” and typically subside within two to three hours after the procedure. 

You may also notice some mild sensitivity along with itchiness in the treatment area after the procedure. This is a normal symptom as your skin is healing from the laser and should go away quickly.


Most patients notice the first CUTERA® Laser Genesis results within a few days to four weeks after receiving the treatment. This time is necessary for the new skin cells to be brought to the surface and for the collagen to be renewed. This Laser treatment is designed to be done in multiples for optimal results and can be performed as frequently as every two weeks. These results will continue improving over time, allowing you to reach the final results within three to six months. To maintain these results, you should schedule maintenance CUTERA® Laser Genesis treatments every month.

Depending on your skin condition, professionals at Renaissance MD recommend a series of about three to five treatments, spaced about two to four weeks apart from each other. After the last treatment, you may notice that your skin is dramatically smoother and that you are radiating a healthy glow. Every patient is different, which is why scheduling a consultation is very important for your results. This will help you find out exactly how many CUTERA® Laser Genesis treatments you’ll need for your condition and goals. 

Optimal results are achieved by combining with medical grade skin care, like ZO Obagi.

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