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6 months: $3800- Value: $6,310

Two treatments, each with two cycles (4 cycles total). One treatment at the beginning and the second may be anytime after 3 months.
Cannot rollover cycles.
Add on: $350/cycle 

Flex Muscle treatment
Nine treatments- four to start and then one every month for 5 months.
Cannot rollover treatments.
Add on: $250/ treatment

Six wraps- one 1 hour treatment each month for 6 months.
Cannot rollover wraps.

Three-month program can be used any month before your 6 months is up.
Does not include semaglutide shots program.
No rollover for prescriptions or shots

Lipo shot: vitamin B12/MIC

Twenty-six shots- Once every week (6 months)
Must be injected every week if missed no rollover.

Treatments are not transferable to another guest.
All treatments must be completed within 6 months starting from the first treatment.
If you miss any treatments they will be lost, there is no roll over.
In the event you choose to cancel your membership before it ends we will be charging the full retail of the services rendered from the remaining balance.

Laurene’s Body Contouring 6 Month Membership

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