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HA Fillers

HA Fillers

As you age, your skin loses its ability to retain its volume. As a result, wrinkles and sagging skin may begin to appear, causing you to look older and more tired than you truly are. Certain features like your lips may also be naturally thin, making you feel self-conscious about the way you look. Fillers can help restore the lost volume, allowing you to feel better and more confident in your own skin. Renaissance MD provides dermal fillers to anyone who wants to enhance their facial features.

Candidates & Indications

The ideal candidate for dermal fillers is someone without any allergies to the product. A consultation is necessary to determine whether you are a candidate for hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. 

Candidates must have realistic goals in mind and a positive outlook for the outcome of the treatment. Also, potential candidates shouldn’t have many deep lines or severely sagging skin, as these concerns are often better solved with procedures like facelift surgery. For the dermal fillers to look natural, your skin should at least have some level of elasticity.

Treatable areas include: lips, vertical lip lines, the area around the mouth, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, cheeks, jawline, neck lines, back of the hands, and more!

How HA Fillers Work

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin. HA fillers are of a gel consistency and work by being injected into a particular area to enhance volume and produce instant results. 

Dermal fillers represent a great option to smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They work best on static wrinkles, which are aging wrinkles and not caused by movement. Fillers offer natural enhancement of your facial features and provide results without affecting your expressions. As you advance in age, dermal fillers allow you to keep your age signs under control.


Some of the most popular brands of fillers include JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Versa®.  


Recovery from fillers is often very mild, and most patients can return to work right after they get out of the office. You can expect to see some bruising, redness, or swelling around the injection site, along with some tenderness. This is a normal reaction to any injection and should go away within a few days. It is recommended that you get dermal fillers at least two weeks before any major event, to allow the side effects to subside.

During your recovery, it is important that you follow the instructions given by our providers. You can control the swelling by applying cold compresses for 10 minutes every hour. You might also be given supplements or medicine to minimize pain or bruising, which you should take as instructed. Our post care instructions are posted in that particular section of our website. 

After getting facial fillers, limit your sunlight or heat exposure, at least until the swelling subsides. This may take up to three days. Additionally, avoid extensive labor or exercising within the first 24 hours after the procedure, as this can make the bruising worse.


You can expect to see some results right after the dermal filler treatment. In the beginning, you will see small, subtle changes, but the effects may be concealed by the temporary bruising and other side effects.

The effects will be fully noticeable after the swelling goes down, which can take a few days. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM® or Restylane® settle within one week, and that’s when you can see the full results.

Results last up to one to two years, depending on the product used and the area injected. Maintenance injections are suggested to prolong your natural-looking facial aesthetic.

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