Anti Aging and Tattoo Removal Treatments*

For patients struggling with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and tattoo regret, Dr. Hyder now offers treatments with the PicoSure® laser.

These anti aging laser treatments can target issues like acne scars, dark spots, and wrinkles.  By stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, hyperpigmented lesions are brightened, and the growth of collagen produces a skin tightening effect.

For tattoo removal, PicoSure® relies on pressure waves to break down ink pigment in the skin.  This causes the pigment to break up into much smaller particles, which are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Further, because it relies less on ability to heat up ink pigment, the device can even be used to remove more difficult colors, like orange and red, which are typically harder to target with traditional lasers.

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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PicoSure Product Image

A skin laser designed to treat various signs of aging, and to remove tattoos. 

There are several things that make this device different from other lasers on the market.

Firstly, it uses shorter bursts of light.  Many lasers today deliver bursts in nanoseconds, or a billionth of a second. PicoSure®, on the other hand, uses picoseconds, or a trillionth of a second. The goal of shortening these bursts is to reduce the amount of heat delivered to the skin and the associated damage to the surrounding tissues.

Secondly, it utilizes a special lens on the device, which converts light energy into short bursts of pressure. Instead of coagulating or damaging skin cells with heat, the waves of pressure disturb skin cells; a process that jump starts the body’s healing processes.